Monday, June 18, 2012

Cup of Pink Tea

/hihi Hi guys!! This is my first ever post on my blog. :D

I want to start it with a very warm and cold welcome hahah lol! First of all, thank you for dropping by here. I chose and thought of naming my blog a "Cup of Pink Tea" because aside of turning a usual green tea into a pink tea, it's sounds cool and unique which might be easily marked up on mind. It is so easy to remember!  /hmm (hmmm.. isn't it??  :D ) I also append the word or a thing "cup" in my blog's name because people always do having a cup of something to drink (like a cup of coffee, tea, wine and etc.) while reading something or having a conversation with anyone.

So this is it... this is the start of my passion in blogging.. i hope i could blog more interesting topics. I may include about myself and interests here /wahaha ( and of course i won't forget to post and share to you guys my top 4 favorites and interests -"Photography, Fashion, Foods and Gadgets"  /blush   these are the reason why i want to manage my own blogsite...

So... keep in touch always guys and check out my new posts ♥ mwuah!!


  1. Hi Pinky! I like how you're being creative in creating you're own blog that includes other people's ideas as well. Pink tea, yummm, would love to try some one day. Keep up the good work.

    1. hello Marcelo, I'm glad you stop by here.. you're the first person who had read and visited my page :D
      Thank you soooo much marcelo!!!!

    2. Hey Pinky,good work doing great....stay creative and you might just be a millionare one day

  2. Like you blog. Congrats for daring. It is never that simple to share some personal things with a big auditory . Wishing you good luck and welcoming you to visit my blog , too, just for an inspirtaionl exchange :).



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