Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Talent!

--------> Drawing!!

Actually it is one of my talent(hobby :) )... I really don't have any idea why i could do this.. It was just started with a "curiosity" mixed with my "imagination" ... If those great artist (such painter, sculptor etc.) can do it, then why can't i?? Lol!! /wahaha

So here it is.... Tadaaaaa!!

I actually have more sketches but maybe i'll upload it soon if i have time to capture it all.

That's for now... i'll go to sleep then..

nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan....


  1. Thats really nice! Very good drawing! It takes me ages to draw. I drew a photo of Song Hye Kyo and I tried to make it as perfect as possible.
    I love your website layout as well! x

    1. Hi Kristy! i'm glad that you drop by here
      if you have a strong imagination plus your creativity I'm sure you could draw it fast heheh! i bet you like Song Hye Kyo.. i like her too she's gorgeous :D

  2. wow!I have a strong imagination, but some reasons I really dont know how to draw. But I can write a poem. ^^

    follow your blog, hope u could follow mine. :)


    1. hi elle! glad you drop by here :)
      i believe you could do it too.. i started in writing poems and somehow expanded my imagination through drawing :)) 'happy to know we have something in common :))
      i wont hesitate to follow you.. always keep in touch :)

  3. woo.i love ur drawing :] keep up the good work. are u, possibly ,in design school too?coz im in on it!^^

    1. HI! Thanks much!! hehe I'm also attending at designing school but it's focus on fashion.. i draw relatively far hhheheh

  4. what a lovely blog! and those pictures are brilliant!



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