Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Wishlist!! Hi-tech Gadgets

Hello HEllo!! Here I am again so happy and much excited to share what i've seen on the net. It's all about hi-tech gadgets :) Who could not even dream just to own one of these great (AND I MEAN GREAT!) gadgets?! /floor

Photo and Negative Scanner

I've seen it on
Firebox This brilliant USB Negative Scanner is pretty useful especially to those who are still into film cameras. You don't need to visit your local print house just to see the results. It makes it easier for you to upload it on facebook, flickr, twitter etc. As long as you have your desktop or laptop on, then you may use and work on this techie!!!! :D

I'm planning to buy a film camera to challenge myself through photography :D I actually have a Nikon DSLR but it seems more easy to use(but not that totally easy as 1,2,3 & a,b,c) what i mean is that i could see right away my shot through the LCD screen on my DSLR. /nobigdeal It cost £49.99 roar!! such an exquisite device lol! :)

here's another one with a screen...
It cost £139.99 Plok! Plok!

CopyCat Portable Scanner

I am so amazed with this portable scanner. It's just like a ruler, you simply sweep off over any documents you want to scan AND tadahh!! in just a matter of seconds it will directly be saving in a micro sd card and transfer those scanned documents to PC. It has also a USB chord to drag and drop the files. It cost £79.99 hmmmm quite expensive but it's still convenient.

Henry Desktop Vacuum

Aside of he's being cute /blush Henry is a sucker!! A sucker of dust and tiny bits on flecky keyboard and around the desktop surface.

It is small and handy. It could also be a decoration on my room :D It only cost £11.99 very reasonable price. I like it much much much!!

Emergency Charger

Well, this device is totally for me hahah! I am NOT fond of charging my gadgets phew! I always get sluggish and sometimes forgot my wrinkling chords and wires. Don't blunted me up because I have this precious reason --> "I am a gadget whore so it's natural to have lots of charger wires." /wahaha

Hmm for my ipod i am not having a problem in recharging it because my bf is the one who keep on adding new playlists and he will then charge it /please yipeee!!

There's an incident that I've been in a "What The Fuuuu**! where's this place?" blah blah blah!! there I get lost /omg . I need to text or call someone but it's so damn inconvenient! FUUUUUUUU!! my phone was totally dead /floor I was supposed to go to a newly established Fashion Academy that is located in a huge and old subdivision in our City (even though i lived for 20yrs in this City, I am still not that familiar with the things around. Hence I always bring my tab for Google Maps ^^ ) And yeah, I was stupid enough to leave my Tab at home.I thought of borrowing someones phone so that I can ask my boyfriend for directions and I don't have enough time to go around the subdivision and play "Dora the Explorer". Did I mentioned I didn't brought my spare changes and smaller bills as well and all I have was an ATM? LOL. so yeah, this is my explanation why I WANT this emergency charger ^_^

i don't think if it will work on smartphones and tablet.. I hope it will do so that i could totally 100% use it on all of my gadgets. :D

It cost £7.99. It's pretty cheap and aweome :D It uses only an AA battery but it haven't mentioned if the rechargeable batteries could bung inside this gizmo aluminum tube.

All photos are from Firebox Try visit their website and give you more reasons in being envious to other gadgets Hahah!


  1. Hi Pinky I check your blog I hope to see more of your drawings Have a great weekend much Love and peace be with you!

    1. Thank you so much mr. James... i'ts my pleasure... sure i'll let you know when i post a new one :-) take care always mr. James it so great to have you in my circle :-) u r such so supportive :-)

  2. Hi pinky, these looks really interesting ^^
    drop by my blog and follow me if you like =D


    1. Hi!!! I'm soooo glad that you drop by here
      Sure I will follow your blog..
      keep in touch Ms. Yingg ^___^
      hope you'll follow me back too :')

    2. Hihi thanks ^^, i've followed you
      check out my new post!


  3. Haha, that vacuum's so cute! It'd be like he's eating up dirt! Might motivate me to clean more...
    Such a cute blog you have here!


    1. hi Sabrina! i'm glad you drop by here ^___________^
      thank you so much hehe i don't have much posts yet :D
      yep, absolutely he's kind of cute

  4. these are so cool! I definitely need the vacuum ! my desk is full that stuff that falls out of your rubber..? and the emergency charger is pretty cool!!

    1. hi kimmie! im glad you drop by here.. yep! that vacuum is quite pretty cool and useful..

  5. The portable scanner and Henry Vacuum are all so necessary. But Henry it's so cuuuute. From where did you get those smiley face? They are so cute and happy:)


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