Friday, August 31, 2012

Kadayawan Festival, Japanese Tunnel and Pizza Bread

Cute Stuffs!!

aawww so cute /please
Sweet Lilo Couple!
Lilo and friends :D
For my eyes only Yayyy!! ^_^


Kadayawan Festival Davao City
held on: August 18, 2012

For those who don't have idea about the Kadayawan Festival, I'm going to give you an info or intro about what it is....

The Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival in the city of Davao in the Philippines. Its name derives from the friendly greeting "Madayaw", from the Dabawenyo word "dayaw", meaning good, valuable, superior or beautiful. The festival is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. (source:

We took a lot of photographs from different tribes with their glazing costumes  as well as their colorful props. Each tribes showed up and performed their own dance numbers showcasing their unique and colorful culture.

 (photo above & below) I think they are the Champion!! They travel all the way from Isulan, Sultan Kudarat going to Davao City just to put and add some colors and happiness to complete the ostentatious celebration of Kadayawan Festival. Thanks to them, they really have a wonderful props,costumes and great number!

These lil cuties beside me are from different group. They studied in Davao City. I forgot the name of their school :(

I'm going to upload my photographs I have taken from this Festival in my next post.. watch out for it /please

tiki tiki tiki tiki!!
This is one of the famous Filipino delicacies.. it's called "Dinuguan" means "bloody?" haha! it's quite loathsome to look at BUT it's so palatable, I swear! you must try it with "Puto" (rice cake) I forgot to take a photo of the "Puto" cake because it's already on my tummy Bwahahahaha!!! 

Japanese Tunnel History 
location: Davao City, Philippines 
Year: 1942

 Japanese Tunnel, one of the historical landmarks in the City that have turned into an operational resort and hotel. It was named Japanese Tunnel because it used to be the hiding place of the Japanese soldiers way back during the World War 2 and that was on the year 1942. The Davaoeño Prisoners of war were the one who carved it out.

It was a pleasant surprise  while constructing the hotel, they excavated the land and found out the passageway with some of the things owned by the Japanese soldiers that they have left (like guns, bullets, money and many more). It is now one of a tourist attraction here in Davao City, Philippines. The tunnel is about 300 meters deep O_O I can't imagine how did they dig up the land like that -_-
Bravo Filipinos!!!

Unfortunately, we aren't able to go under because it was already dim and closing time :(
We only have photos on the entrance with the life-sized Japanese soldier statue.

Pizza Bread

 Instead of going outside I decided to hang out with my family on our house. I'm thinking of a food which is easy to make and where everyone will surely enjoy. So, I've come up with this Pizza Bread!!! The ingredients are not that expensive, these are actually easy to find -find it somewhere "in the refrigerator". hahah!

Loaf Bread
Tomato Paste
cream cheese
Tomato sauce or ketchup
Red Bell Pepper
White Onion
Corned Beef or Ground beef
Sweetened Ham
Pineapple Chunks
Tomato Salad (optional)
Quick melt cheese

1st- Preheat the oven or toaster into a 150 degree Celsius. Place the loaf bread on top of a clean and dry tray. Spread the tomato paste on the loaf.
2nd- Spread the Liquid Cheese.
3rd- Spread the Tomato Sauce or you could mix the ketchup if ever you don't have the tomato sauce.
4th- Slice the Bell Pepper into a C-shaped or whatever shape do you like as long as it is straight or long-shaped.Then spread on the loaf.
5th- Slice the onion into a ring-liked and spread on the loaf.
6th- Next spread out the corned beef or steamed ground beef.
7th- Slice the sweetened ham into a square-shaped and spread it out on the loaf.
8th- Spread the pineapple chunks.
9th- Sprinkle the grinded quick melt on top of the toppings.
10th- Put it inside the oven or toaster and turn the heat into a full 350 degree Celcius. Make sure only the upper heat is working because we're just preparing to cook the toppings only.

You now have your Pizza Bread!!
It really taste like Pizza!! num num num!! :D


Sunday, August 19, 2012


(O_O)/ ohh fats.. hello fats


Strolled everywhere



peeking on some of my balloon arrangements :D

 Through decorating I earn extra income yipeeyyy!!!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

someone's ranting on me(meaningless) + Fun with the eggs

Someone rants on me Hahahah!!

Hi!! I want to start my post with the complain of a "blogger" her name starts with the letter "J" and a kind of redundant name.. hahah! Well! If she loves to rant, i don't care (now we know what and who she really is, she's not friendly) ekkk... I don't like ranting to someone else because I simply love myself and I am open-minded and friendly. I know what she did is considered as "Backfighting or Backstabbing on me".

She emitted more time in writing and did a lot of effort capturing my posts.....  lol!! i was just like ahhhhh??? hahha!! okay yeah i know that!! thank you for wasting your time in me lol!! hahah!

Totally absurd.. so immature

I am not affected with this kind of issue, btw. It made my day so charmed and joyful.
I am a newbie blogger and never thought someone would welcome and love me that way hahah!! thanks to you sweetie :D
I just want to make friends, interacting each others post.
 Be open-minded, try reading the 'blogger's circular', it is well-stated there ^___^
I know someone inspired you to do the "Ranting" but if you don't want to loose someone who admires you (like me, I honestly admire you) don't follow what other's do especially when the outcome is negative. I am not telling you this because you've just only pointing me on your "ranting post" but for others as well.
so, for you sweetie... take good care and i hope your name won't be stained ^_________^
It's good to make friends than ranting, overweening or boasting. Maybe I am just friendly and it makes you upset... sorry for that I just love what I am doing. I want everything in peace and happy.

I simply love myself that's why I never back stab or ranting to someone else ♥ ♥ ♥


Having fun with the eggs
this can be found also on my Pinky Lardera Photoblog. ^__^

These are my Eggs lol! (sounds ridiculous :P ) haha! I personally made that ambulance van by myself through cutting soft boards(box) . I added some colors on it to make it more cool and to look it more closely resembles to ambulance. I used the most photographed toy in the world!!! no other than "DANDO" haha! It's such good to make Danbo as the subject of my toy photographs because he's so charming which will surely make the people to stop by. 

I photographed these last year (2011) and had it on my old blogsite but I deleted my account there due to spamming and hacking etc. So this is now my official photoblog ^_^ ^^, 

'til death do us part

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dad's Birthday

Before anything else I would like to launch my new photoblog site. It's all about my photographs along with the quotes and poems that I originally composed. I'm into photography but i'm not that good enough. I am not claiming anything here or bragging something I am just doing what I love /blush 
MWUAH! click this --> Pinky Lardera Photoblog to visit/follow ..

It was the launching of the movie "Spider Man" and at the same time it's my younger brother's birthday. Me and my bf planned to treat him to watch this movie. Then suddenly my Mom asked me that she'll be with us. I never thought that my mother is also a fan of marvels hahah! I want my father to be with us but he just went to work and tired. Aside from that he doesn't much like Marvels. He doesn't even know who they are hahah! 

While we are waiting to start the movie, we eat our dinner first ♥

 younger bro (on  the left)  bf (on the right)

My sweet Mom and my younger brother "jasper"

My Father's Birthday!!
It's such so nice seeing your loved ones smiling. I am glad to share these photos I have taken during my father's birthday. It's not all about the banquet and presence but It's all about the joy and the bond of the family. Make the most of  your family time ♥ 

my mother poking fun with my father to blow the candle hehe!
And I put that superman hat on them. They look so sweet and cute!!!

My father is the super man in the whole world ♥ ♥ ♥

I inflated those colorful balloons by myself using a hand pump.. Phew!! quite tiring, it seemed my muscles were going to burst hahah!!! (lol assuming :P)

(on the laptop screen) are my sister and nephew from Aussie :)

To my fellow readers: Love our parents 'coz if without them, 
we won't see and taste the beauty of the world ^___^

Monday, August 06, 2012

I so much Love Danbo!!

This post is actually on my photoblog site but I love to share it to you guys.
Nowadays, Danbo is the most photographed toy. Try googling it :) and you'll see lot's of fantastic and super cute photographs of him...  ♥ Pinky Lardera Photoblog .

I hope you enjoy :)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Photo Manipulation & Photoblog

Hi there.. 'just sharing my latest post from my photoblog... These are my photoworks. It's one of my pastime. Indeed, I am not that pro lels. These are the results of being bored and nerd LOL! heheh! You may visit my photoblog just click this link--> Pinky Lardera Photoblog  Follow if you want ^_^

On this photo - It's me :D and these photos taken by my bf. Of course I asked permission to edit these pics. Kudos to my bf ♥ 

(Photos below) 1st photo. On the first photo, she's my co-teammates her name is Mia.
2nd photo. She's our neighbor and the niece of my childhood friend, her name is KC. I am the one who took that two photos of her. That was during the photoshoot I've organized. ('coz I'm eager to learn more about photography ♥)

They are my co teammates, with my brother on the middle

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