Sunday, September 16, 2012

I need all your help. Please help the dogs away from brutality by signing the petition.

(This photo is a screenshot only. If you want to watch this video click this link: Tortured Dogs BUT if you have a weak heart please don't watch the video anymore. It is really a heartbreaking.)

Sorry for not posting for a long time. Today, I have my new post but it's not all about fashion, foods and photography. It's all about "concern", "call" and "fight". "Concern" about the brutality, of how the dogs treated and tortured. The "Call" to everyone to help one another achieve the goal of 1,000,000 signatures by spreading this petition and encourage to sign the petition. "fight" for the dignity of these fellow animals. They have the right to live. 

Dogs are man's best friend and not a FOOD.. 

I know it does not only exist in China but in other country as well. This post is not engaging any culture defamation. I am just posting this to let other know the things which we really need to involve since we, the humans are the great predators.

I hope all of you will cooperate, these dogs really needs our help. please sign the petition and let's all fight for it :(




July 9 • Started by Sergio Barbesta



Dear Mr. Obama and Dear Mr. Barroso,

We are all world citizens and were shocked to see how the Dogs are treated and killed in China, as you can see directly from this video link:

We do not need words, because we don’t have any word, to comment on the brutality and ferocity of what we saw, and we don’t have the courage and strength to review the video twice.

The DOG is always considered, by all civilizations, man's best friend and it never hesitated to sacrifice its life for men.

For this and other many reasons, we want all together to make our voices heard because this senseless cruelty is stopped, the dogs’ dignity, as well as that of any living being respected, and it will be sent an official note by the European Commission and US Government to the Chinese Government because this brutal and uncivilized practice will be stopped immediately.

Best regards,

The Undersigned

click this link to sign the petition.. We really need your help

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