Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mother's Day "I Love You Mom", chocolate bouquet

I would just like to share this even though the mother's day has already passed by last May 13, 2012 on Sunday. My mother is so important in my life and I am so blessed to have such a strenuous mom. I am not that expressive enough to tell in front of her how much i love her, maybe because I am a passive type.  :D Everyone knows that.. I guess /sweat It shines through my actions and behaviors...

Every time I feel joy in my life, I can't resist grabbing a pen and write down the words in my heart (it's not literally a song.. What I meant are the feelings of how I am so much affected by the happy or sad situations).

Here's a simple poem I have composed...

You’ve been my teacher, nurse and counselor….
i thank you for enriching my life in so many ways
no matter what i do, either good or bad, you always come through,

Even when I’m a brat,
you always takes good care of me, you kept me in line for my own sake,

thank you for the endless hours of time you spent
and the boundless energy you invested in me,

I am so grateful that you’re my ‘Mamang’ who have influenced me in my life,
sometimes through genetics,
more often through great effort and patient instruction

We, your daughters and sons, won’t forget your sacrifices as you often gave up or deferred your own dreams
so that we could have ours,

to my mamang and papang, we’ll always there for you, "walay magbag-o sa amo mag-igsoon, same lang japon mi buotan ug usahay gahi’g ulo heheh ^__^ (usahay lng man) :D " translation [:|] --> (we, my brothers and sisters will always stay what and who we are no matter what, we will stay being good and sometimes bad haha!)

I want you to know
I’ll just love you more
Every year that I grow

So, for all the times I didn’t say,
The love I felt for you each day,
‘Mang, read this so you can always see
Just how much you mean to us

I handed my gift to my mom and she was speechless with a smile in her face. I felt also her happiness in her heart. She thought nobody cared about the occasion because we're very silent about it. heheh!! My Father, brothers and sisters have their own gifts for my mom too. We made it totally perfect and a very special day for our mom ♥ ♥ ♥

I personally made this chocolate bouquet for my beloved mom. Those round and color gold liked-roses are chocolates..specifically fererro rocher (i am not sure with the correct spelling though haha! sorry for that.) :"> All I know is that it's such an expensive chocolate ever! And delicioso num num num! I invited my mom out to the mall and I let her picked what she wanted and I billed it out as a gift too :) She's so happy, she kept on smiling while heeding and choosing clothes. I really love you Mang!(Mom) mwuah! ♥

This is my gift for my boyfriend's mom. She's really kind and supportive in our relationship.. ♥ We handed it to her with a red Sony mp3!!. We thought of giving her the mp3 because we always heard her whining of an mp3 with her favorite songs in it. ♥

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Talent!

--------> Drawing!!

Actually it is one of my talent(hobby :) )... I really don't have any idea why i could do this.. It was just started with a "curiosity" mixed with my "imagination" ... If those great artist (such painter, sculptor etc.) can do it, then why can't i?? Lol!! /wahaha

So here it is.... Tadaaaaa!!

I actually have more sketches but maybe i'll upload it soon if i have time to capture it all.

That's for now... i'll go to sleep then..

nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cup of Pink Tea

/hihi Hi guys!! This is my first ever post on my blog. :D

I want to start it with a very warm and cold welcome hahah lol! First of all, thank you for dropping by here. I chose and thought of naming my blog a "Cup of Pink Tea" because aside of turning a usual green tea into a pink tea, it's sounds cool and unique which might be easily marked up on mind. It is so easy to remember!  /hmm (hmmm.. isn't it??  :D ) I also append the word or a thing "cup" in my blog's name because people always do having a cup of something to drink (like a cup of coffee, tea, wine and etc.) while reading something or having a conversation with anyone.

So this is it... this is the start of my passion in blogging.. i hope i could blog more interesting topics. I may include about myself and interests here /wahaha ( and of course i won't forget to post and share to you guys my top 4 favorites and interests -"Photography, Fashion, Foods and Gadgets"  /blush   these are the reason why i want to manage my own blogsite...

So... keep in touch always guys and check out my new posts ♥ mwuah!!

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