Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moo Duk Kwan - Soo Bahk Doo - Baking School - Dogs - Lollipop Cakes

i have been to a Moo Duk Kwan - Soo Bahk Doo training, upbringing, team building and etc. while concentrating on my fashion study in Manila, Philippines. My brother encouraged me that time to join their training and so, I gave it a try.. I just realized how I got in touch and LOVE it for so many reasons (self defense etc.) ^_^ AND right now, I'm in a state of deep meditation of going back on training next year Haha! ^_^

So here are some of the photos taken during our team building ^_^

(left) oh it's me nyahah! (right) Master Jardinel :)

(left) my brother

And the other scenes during the Team Building


Who Loves Sweets?? /blush
This is one of my hobbies that I can monetize. 
I am now accepting catering services (pastries, fondant cakes, cocktail drinks and etc.) :P

Since I was a kid, I kept on observing my mother baking the cake. I am fond also in watching 'cooking and baking show'. After observing the baking and decorating process I soon realised I had a passion for cake baking and decorating. AND so, I enrolled myself in a 2-Day baking school. The school only accepted not more than three enrollees. So it's super doooooooooooper perfect for my taste. We taught how to make fondant cake, gumpaste and sugar flower. :) 

Meet these two cutie /please
New Member of our Family 

(left- Beagle "Jack") (right- Shit Tzu "Happy")

Food Porn Again ^_^ 
Breakfast + Lunch = Brunch... 

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