Thursday, April 04, 2013

Epelin Wax - Hairless Beauty

Hello gals ^_^ .. I went to Watsons last week to look something that I could use for my aesthetic care. I walked by through a hair removal wax section and found this Epelin Hair Remover. It was really enticing to buy 'coz it comes with tips for the first time users inside the package. I thought I should give it a try so, I bought one for only Php 89.75 ($2.20). I also bought the Epilin Waxing Strips Php 29.75 ($ 0.73) very affordable huh! :D

Epilin Hair Remover comes with a melting pan and a spatula. Ingredients are all natural so there's nothing to be afraid of.

I really need this wax 'coz I am really shy and scared to visit a hair removal clinic. Of course, I don't want again to shave my armpit hair because it grows back thicker!!

I can't wait to try this!!! >.<
I am waiting to regrow my armpit hair to be able to start applying this wax. After that I will post about my Epilin waxing application...Stay tuned! :P


  1. sounds really interesting! Can't wait!

  2. me too, i can't wait to use it since it is so easy to apply... ^____^

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  6. great post! ^^

  7. Sounds interesting.

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  11. It looks interesting but I prefer a razor blade :D


  12. looks interesting ! i wanna try it !
    you have a great blog !

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  13. This is really great! I hate shaving so I'm always looking for better alternatives!

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  16. Oooh sounds like a nice product

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