Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ideal Bedroom Designs

Ideal Bedroom Design

My room is currently under construction and I am planning to make a clean, organize and styled bedroom. I am searching ideas through the internet and found these fabulous room designs. (Photos are not mine. I haven't mind to bookmark the exact site address 'coz I was so surprised and excited about the design ideas. So, I can't able to tell you the exact url sites guys /no But most of the photos I took from & from google images.

(Place: Intramuros, Manila)

As I was cleaning up my hard drive on my laptop, I found these photos from my visit in Manila. The time I enrolled myself in a Fashion Academy.

So I decided to blog about this, since summer (our summer starts in the mid of march up to month of May) is much approaching and I am very much excited about it because I am able to wear all of my summer dresses!

achuu  (^_^メ)  hehe!


(Place: Canibad, Samal Island)

Food Again!! /please

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Minnie Mouse Bow, Polka Dots, Lashes, Nail Arts, CLAIROL Hair Color and DSLR Fondant Cake

Minnie Mouse Polka Dots

Hi! Finally it's now 2013. It seems that I haven't done anything good last year. LOL! HAha!! They said that wearing polka dots will bring us prosperity by associating the round dots to coins and wealth - ( Philippines' new year tradition ).

The first thing comes on my mind when I hear the words "polka dots" is the Minnie Mouse Bow. I'm sure you all familiar with this Disney cartoon character :D
I confess, I am so obsessed with it ^_^ 

I actually rocks a lot of polka dots. Hehe! I just like it ^_^ 
I am so fascinated with the dots. 

I like this "SEXY" rings 'coz I feel so so so sexy.. Nyahaha!! ekkk!

(Trying a kpop pose)

What I've Got
I've got this so cool false eyelashes glue. It really holds the false lashes so well. Two false lashes from a local store.

(wearing the MAC false lashes from a local store)

 The eyelash set with a mini jar container.

Dark blonde hair color. CLAIROL

Nail Arts. I so like it!

oopsiess i don't like it :P
DSLR Fondant Cake

I made him a 3D fondant cake. It's a chocolate cake with fondant icing, gumpaste and vanilla frosting. Everything is so sweet :) 
He is a photo enthusiast, so I made a replica of his D90 Nikon. I made an effort:P



See yah!!

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