Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Martial Arts and Muay Thai

Another reason why Muay Thai has exploded in the world of combat sport due to popularity of MMA & UFC.

My older brother inspired me to join Martial Arts (Moo Duk Kwan & Gan Soo Do) as well as Muay Thai. He is a black belter :D so no wonder why I want to be in his shoes someday :D Me and my younger brother joined the training class. It's really fun!

hmmm I'm quite lazy to type everything here, so i'll just post these photos. Picture is worth a thousand words :P lels ;-)

We started our martial arts and muay thai training class last year 2013.


Muay Thai

 stretching :P

He's my younger brother ;-)

                             (Round house kick)                                       (Turning Long Kick)

                                      (Axe Kick)                                                (Turning Long)

                                                 ----------------(Axe Kick)---------------

Trying to hit the speed ball :P grrrr



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