Friday, August 07, 2015

Long Hiatus in Blogging! + Paintings and Drawings

Hello dear! How I miss blogging :'( ;P
I've been away for the past few daysssss, hmm months?, uhmm years? O_o :P
yay I forgot when was the last time i posted and checked my blog. During the long hiatus I focused much more on my work and study (study and work work until now!)... It's really hard to get these things done one at a time but I love it. Somehow I enjoy it, I enjoy being a student again and I get super happy every time i receive my salary XD

I've been doing a lot of things while away from blogosphere :)))

I've been painting and sketching....


Isn't it obvious that I'm so inspired?? :D 

That's all for now, I have to sleep (it's 1:51AM O_O)  :) 

Watch out for my next post: About My Kendo Venture ;) 


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